With the development of football, the role of defenders in attack is increasing. One of the best defensemen in European Championships is Sergio Ramos. He has four goals in La Liga this season and 2 in the Champions League. Last season the Spanish defender scored 11 goals.

10. Christian Ansaldi (Torino) – 19 matches, 5 goals


The 33-year-old Argentine from Torino has started the season with five goals and five assists. However, the experienced player couldn’t help his team for a month due to his injury and only returned to the field in last round.

9. Achraf Hakimi (Dortmund) – 31 matches, 6 goals


Interestingly, Hakim is much more effective when playing on the left flank. He has scored six goals and made the same amount of assists this season.


8. Sergio Ramos (Real) – 29 matches, 6 goals


Last weekend, his goal against Osasuna was the sixth for Ramos this season. Thanks to that goal, the Spanish defender took his place in the top ten. Ramos, who will turn 34 soon, averages 1.2 shots per game, that helps him to set records.


7. Theo Hernandez (AC Milan) – 21 matches, 6 goals


Before the start of the season, no one could have imagined that Milan’s top scorer would be a defender. The Frenchman has already scored 6 goals. It is noteworthy that the 22-year-old player also broke Kakha Kaladze’s record.

One of the best Georgian footballers of all time scored 4 goals in his full-fledged debut 2001/02 season in Milan. That was the highest point in the history of the club for the recruits. However, Hernández has already improved the Georgian player’s record by two goals.


6. Philipp Max (Augsburg) – 19 matches, 6 goals


The 26-year-old German is raised in Bayern Munich and began his professional career with Schalke. Max has been defending Augsburg since 2015 and became the Bundesliga’s top assistant with 13 goal assists in 2017/18. Philippe has focused on scoring goals this season. Moreover, he has 5 assists in his account, along with his 6 goals.


5. Alex Telles (Porto) – 32 matches, 7 goals


The Brazilian is considered one of the most expensive (40 million) players in his position. Telsey’s performance should not be surprising, as he is quite quick and technical and loves to get involved in the attack. It should also be noted that Alex scored 4 of these 7 goals from the 11-meter mark.


4. Martin Hinteregger (Eintracht) – 32 matches, 7 goals


After the attack leaders left Eintracht, Martin Hinteregger, the tallest player in the team (186 cm), took the lead and has already scored 7 goals.


3. Domenico Criscito (Genoa) – 18 matches, 7 goals


For fighting to survive in the Italian Championship, Genoa’s one of the best scorers is a defender – 33-years-old Criscito. Who managed to score 5 goals in Serie A and 2 goals in the Italian Cup.


2. Robin Gosens (Atalanta) – 26 matches. 8 goals


Atalanta is the most productive team in the Italian Championship. Gosens scored only 3 goals last season and has already scored eight goals this year.


1. Edmond Tapsoba (Vitoria/Leverkusen) – 34 matches, 9 goals


Tapsoba is an unexpected leader, for whom Leverkusen paid 18m Euros to the Portuguese Vitoria. The 21-year-old Burkina Faso defender played only one game in the Bundesliga, while in Portugal, he was quite successful.

Despite his solid height (190 cm), Tapsoba only scored twice with his head. Most of his goals were 11-meter shots.