Inter goalkeeper, Tommaso Berni, has been in the Milan team since 2014 and has not played for 1 minute yet. Genoa goalkeeper Federico Marchetti has a similar rate in Serie A.

Inter Milan goalkeeper Tommaso Berni has become the author of a strange statistic. He has been sent off for the second time this season, without spending a single minute on the field.

The 37-year-old Italian goalkeeper has been in the Milan system since 1999-2001 and returned to Inter in 2014, but has not been seen since. However, this did not prevent him from getting two red cards, even on the bench. Interesting story – no matches in 6 years and two red cards this season.

Berni was sent off for the first time on January 26 this year during the match against Cagliari and for the second time yesterday against Parma. The referee did not like his obscene remarks and made him leave the chair at the 69th minute.

Interestingly, Federico Marchetti, the goalkeeper of Genoa, also has an identical figure this season. We haven’t even seen him on the field and has already received two red cards.

In the last match before the pause of the Coronavirus pandemic (against Juventus), another Milan goalkeeper was sent off from the bench – Daniele Padelli.