In just one year period, we will know the teams that are gonna play in World Cup 2022 from Europe.

Only 13 teams will be lucky out of 55

As you may know, Euro qualifiers have 55 teams registered. Those teams will play tournaments for around a year period and they will be white-listed to the 13 teams. Tournament will be played between March 2020 and March 2021. Pandemic was tough and that’s why the tournament period consists of only one year. The games will be scheduled in a tight manner and we may see many injured players during the national duties.


Interesting groups

Spain will find it hard to play in the group. Keep in mind that Spain has to play against Sweden and it will be the main opponent. Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned and all eyes were on him. Zlatan will play a big role in the success of Sweden in the group stage. That’s why it will be tough for Spain to win the group easily.

Defending champion also has a tough group. They will play against Ukraine along with Finland. Ukraine is a very powerful team with a good knowledge of different strategies. Ukraine has a good coach – former legendary player of AC Milan, Andrey Shevchenko. Before the qualifiers, Andrey said that Ukraine is ready to win the group but the players have to be patient. 


World Cup final stage in Qatar

This world cup will be very different. It will be played in Qatar and you know what is surprising? Tournament will not be held in the summer period. World Cup or Euro final stages are always played in summer when the domestic or international leagues are over. Everything will be different in this case – it will be played in the period of mid-november to mid-December of 2022. The draw of the final stage groups will be held in April 2022.