A Cyrus court convicted Harry Maguire. An attempt to bribe a police officer has been confirmed to the United captain.

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire was embroiled in a scandal while on holiday in the Greek islands. So, a member of the England national team, along with three accompanying persons, was found guilty by a court on Syros’ island.

Maguire was found guilty by the court of the following offenses – physical violence against a police officer, disobedience, and attempted bribery of police officers. It all started after a quarrel on the island of Mykonos.

Maguire, his brother, and his friend were also involved in the fight. According to the United captain, the incident started after 2 Albanians (according to his version) approached his younger sister – Daisy. He injected her with an unknown substance in his blood.

After the altercation, Daisy was taken to the hospital. So, Maguire and his accomplices were taken to the police station. According to one of the police officers, the United captain told them something like, “I am the captain of Manchester United! I have a lot of money, and if you let me go tomorrow, you will be rich.”

This made Maguire’s condition worse. Under Greek law, he could face up to three years in prison. Though this is unlikely to happen because the offender in Greece has the right to pay a large amount of a fine instead of a sentence. That would probably not be difficult for the United captain.