As you know, Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo made an unexpected decision in 2018 and moved to Turin’s Juventus. 4 other Real players may also move to Juve

Since then, the media has continuously been reporting that the Portuguese player is not the last Madrid player to link his future to the “old lady.” Here are four players we might see in the Turin shirt soon.


1. Marcelo


The Brazilian is a close friend of Ronaldo, who still has a good relationship with Cristiano. Following the transfer of the Portuguese, the same information is spread in the media about Marcelo.


2. Karim Benzema


Like Marcelo, the French forward is a pretty close friend of Ronaldo. In addition to this is the fact that the duo of these two players in “Real” was quite productive, and the 35-year-old player still wants to work with Karim.


3. Isco Alarcon


The new head coach of the Old Lady, Andrea Pirlo, is a big fan of Isco. As it turns out, shortly after his appointment, the Italian specialist asked the leadership of the team to work on the transfer of the 28-year-old Spaniard.


4. Gareth Bale


He will most likely leave Madrid soon, and Bale’s future is connected with “Juve” and Chinese and Premier League teams.