The only thing that is not affected by the coronavirus is the transfer rumors. The press connects a number of players with Barça and predicts several of them for the Catalan career.

We offer 5 players, in case of whose transfers Barca may become undefeated team:


1. Neymar


The Brazilian superstar was one step away from returning to Blaugrana last summer, but the parties failed to reach an agreement. During the next transfer window, the Catalans will fight for him again.


2. Lautaro Martinez


According to the media, the Argentine forward is the main target of “Barça,” who is considered to be an ideal replacement for Luis Suarez. With its addition, the “blue-pomegranate colors” will solve the problem of the central striker for a long time.


3. Kante


A few days ago, the press reported that the French striker was in the spotlight of Barça. Due to the crisis in Corona, Barca will try to add the world champion with the help of Coutinho, who, in turn, is on the radar of “Chelsea.”


4. Umapecano


It is no secret that “Barcelona” has big problems in defense. The defender I mentioned is currently defending the honor of Leipzig, but as it is written, he wants to leave the team, and the most realistic option is “Blaugrana.”


5. Alaba


We have already mentioned the problems in defense. The position of the left defender with great respect for Alba is one of the most problematic in the team, in addition to the fact that the Spaniard is old, he was also very much hated by those fans after the Anfield evening.

Alaba is the player who can reduce the breakthroughs in defense of “Barca.” Also, he can play on the wing, as well as in defense and midfield.