Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta says he wants to run for president of the club. predicts the consequences of his potential return.

1. Return glory for La Masia


Joan Laporta is clearly a follower of Cruyff’s visions. Accordingly, he will switch to the players brought up by “La Masia.” More time will be given to Ricky Puch, Fati, etc.


2. Change of transfer policy


Laporta worries about the club’s financial situation. He also has his own transfer strategy. Therefore, the club will no longer make such a transfer as, for example, buying Andre Gomez for 37 million.

For comparison, during Laporta’s time, Barça spent a total of 300 million on more than 30 transfers, the same as Bartomeu.


3. More confidence in Dembele


In the event of his arrival, it is likely that the Frenchman will also be given a chance. Laporta has repeatedly stated that the Frenchman has brought victory to Blaugrana in many matches.


4. Reducing dependence on Messi


As you know, Barça’s attitude towards Messi is already at its peak. 50% of Catalans’ goals this season are against Messi. Laporta can even alleviate this problem a little bit for Messi. He mentions many times that Leo should not hold more responsible than what he has.


5. Guardiola’s return


Laporta has often said that if he returned, he would return Guardiola too. After all, Joan Laporta is the man who appointed Guardiola in 2008 when Barcelona had a historic season.