Serge Gnabry is now the joint-top goalscorer alongside Lionel Messi for goals scored in London by players not representing an English club.

Bayern Munich winger, Serge Gnabry’s Champions League record in the capital this season is something to be admired. Gnabry has scored two goals against Chelsea in London and four goals against Tottenham in London too.

The former Arsenal winger is back in style. He has taken his tally to six goals this season during Bayern Munich’s 3-0 victory over Chelsea in the Champions League.

His amazing style led to Bayern Munich cheekily tweeting on their Twitter page. “London you still hungry, London is Serge Gnabry.”



Gnabry’s fifth and sixth Champions League goals of the season came within three second-half minutes. It may not have been quite as devastating as his display at Tottenham but brutal nonetheless.

His latest two goals have pushed him up the list of this season’s top scorers in the Champions League. In a slightly more unique turn of events, he has also risen up the table of goal scorers in London.

Despite having played in London twice this season, Gnabry has now scored as many goals there as Tottenham’s Dele Alli, Chelsea’s Jorginho and Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette.

He has also scored more in London this season that Robert Snodgrass, West Ham’s top scorer in the capital and Crystal Palace leading marksman Jordan Ayew.

Gnabry enjoys his visits in London

You will not be wrong when you say Gnabry enjoys his visits back to London. He himself said, “I certainly do. I have a lot of friends here. A lot of them were in the stands tonight and I think they were giving me good power.”

The ex-Gunner was sold by Arsene Wenger to Werder Bremen for less than £5m in 2016. This after an unsuccessful loan spell at West Brom whose boss, Tony Pulis said, “Serge has come here to play games but he just hasn’t been at that level to play the games.”

It is fair to say that his success since leaving England has not gone unnoticed.