According to the Dailymail, Premier League teams are looking for ways to avoid the rules set by the Football Association after Brexit. Under the new rules, the number will be reduced to 13 instead of 17 foreign players.

The Football Association cites the fact that the national team has not been successful in major tournaments since 1966. However, under the new rules, if it goes into effect, Premier League teams will have to have at least 12 English players out of 25. This will cause big problems to the English teams.

In this case, the Football Association’s technical director, Les Leeds, works with both clubs and the government. Football clubs have to find a smart solution very quickly, as they do not have much time.


What influence will Brexit have on Premier League?


Brexit (‘British’ + ‘Exit’) is a term describing the process of the United Kingdom’s Withdrawal from the European Union.

For top PL clubs, transfer deals are key indicators of their ultimate success. But Brexit regulations will, of course, create problems in this regard.

Noteworthy, that according to the Brexit’s new rules, a player automatically gets work permission in case if they have played in established percent of the matches of their national teams for at least two years before the application.

Sportsmail has a credible source saying that, after all, teams will not be able to add players under 18. Also, only if a foreign player, aged from 16 to 21, has been training for at least three years at the English or Welsh Academy, he or she will be considered as a local player.

The Premier League has negatively evaluated the breaking news. And it is said that if all these happens, it will damage the prestige of the best European leagues, while also damaging the country’s economy.

Automatically, most of the current squads include more foreign players that the new regulations allow. Also, the main problem is that the clubs will have to change their transfer plans for the upcoming summer.

The agreement will probably come into force in a few weeks. So PL teams are in search of a rapid solution.