The Premier League in collaboration with other governing bodies is waiting for a decision from the UK government over taking football behind closed doors amid the spread of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus could be set to play havoc with the remainder of the Premier League campaign. All Premier League matches could be ordered to be played behind closed doors by the end of this month.

The decision could soon become inevitable from the government as they look to try and consider every possible option to halt the spread.

With the virus showing little signs of slowing down, it’s almost certain that the government may be forced into taking serious action in the sporting event.

The Premier League is going to follow in Serie A’s footsteps. The government is ready to make a decision to stop fans from attending Premier League matches.

Prime minister, Boris Johnson is set to chair a meeting to discuss the virus. A proposal to take the Premier League and other professional divisions behind closed doors is expected to be up for discussion.

If the government moves to ban large public gatherings and take football behind closed doors, it could take two weeks for changes to be out in place across the country.

Base of supporters will suffer. However, the most suffering from the impending decision will be Liverpool fans. There is a high likelihood they could miss out on the opportunity to see their team lift their first league title in 30 years.

Similarly, fans of the clubs chasing European football and fighting to avoid relegation to the Championship could be unable to attend the crucial matches in the closing stages of the campaign.

If the Premier League ban goes through, there may be an attempt to broadcast more games on TV. This will be done to ensure supporters do not miss out.