Premier League’s first two inductions into a new Hall of Fame are set to be postponed. This after the cancellation of Thursday’s inaugural event due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Football events have begun to be affected too. This after the announcement that all Premier League matches have been postponed until the 4th of April. Similarly, EFL games have been postponed until the 3rd of April too.

In February, Premier League announced it would honor playing stars of the competitions’ 28-year history in a US-style Hall of Fame.

However, it has been confirmed that the scheduled event in London has been canceled. This is as a result of the ongoing global health crisis. The League is likely to announce a delay in the first two Hall of Fames announcement.

Besides the Hall of Fame ceremony, the Football Writer’s Association’s Footballer of the Year awards dinner scheduled for 14th May in London has also been canceled.  PFA player of the year awards currently remains scheduled for 26th April at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse.

Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer were thought to be the heavy favorites to be inducted this week. But, with the league fixtures currently on hold, there will be a hiatus in the competition’s calendar of special events.

With that said, it is hoped that Tuesday’s conference call between UEFA, Football’s European governing body and stakeholders from the 55 continental nations will shed some light on the potential for leagues to be extended into the summer.

Euro 2020 is scheduled to take place across the continent between 12th June and 12th July with the semi-finals. The finals will be held at Wembley Stadium. Rather, with Covid-19 outbreak causing disruptions, many have identified the postponement of the international tournaments by 12 months.

For the time being, there remains little clarity. The Hall of Fame event is the latest to be pushed aside by the global health wave. There could be crucial decisions to be made in the next couple of weeks with regard to the game’s short to medium-term future.