Crystal Palace manager, Roy Hodgson is the oldest in the Premier League. The 72-year-old is likely to be affected by any over-70’s restrictions brought in by the government.

Crystal Palace is looking into self-isolating Roy Hodgson. The reason being, he is affected by the government’s plans to protect the elderly against the coronavirus.

Boris Johnson on Monday announced that all people should avoid gatherings and crowded places. More so, vulnerable people including the elderly will need to undertake more drastic measures.

Mr. Johnson emphasized avoiding all social contact particularly for people over 70, for pregnant women and those with health conditions.

It is for this reason that the group vulnerable to Covid-19 will stay at home for 12 weeks. This will be done to ensure they are “largely shielded from social contact”.

On to Crystal Palace, the announcement has left the club understandably concerned about their manager. Hodgson, 72, is the oldest in the Premier League. Possibly, he will face impacts from any over-70 restrictions brought in by the government.

However, Crystal Palace is monitoring the situation closely. The club is currently discussing the possibility of their manager commanding the team from home.

Speaking earlier this month, Hodgson had said, “Whatever decisions that are made, you have to abide by. There is no question of that.”

“We live in a democracy and we are all law-abiding citizens. I’ll worry about that when the time comes. But certainly, I have never felt healthier and happier about the environment I am in. I think I am in the best possible place.”

Until now, no reports of any Crystal Palace being at risk. The club has closed its first-team training camps and academy until Monday.