Mason Mount is in trouble after a tabloid carried pictures of him playing football with Declan Rice while he was supposed to be in Self-isolation from the coronavirus that has already affected Chelsea squad.

On a practical level, Mason Mount is putting himself in danger and threatening to infect the whole squad. It sound’s like he is going to get quite the telling off from the Blues.

There is an argument that as role models, players should make an example to society by being strict with their isolation. Lots of people, young and old will be following their example.

In Spain, everyone from Lionel Messi downwards is putting up social media posts from inside their houses urging others to stay at home.

This is a fair criticism of Mount’s action. In his defense, one only had to go out on the streets of London last night to see the pubs and restaurants still buzzing. Him having a kickabout seems pretty safe in comparison to that.

Either way, it wasn’t a smart thing to do. He has paid the price of being splashed all over the back pages. Likely, he won’t be the last footballer to face this type of criticism in the future either. There is now no actual sport being played allowing the tabloids to focus on what they really are up to in their private lives.

Moreover, Mount apologized to Lampard having broken those rules. He has consequently been reminded of his responsibility to isolate along with the rest of the squad.

Quick thoughts

There’s a growing sense of desperation around the globe. The problem with this awful virus is, there is nobody to take the blame. People are looking for places to direct their anger. The futility of the situation of the average person only inflames their anger and scapegoats will inevitably be found.

Minor infraction from footballers is going to be magnified massively in the sport-news vacuum. We will never be allowed to forget that they are supposed to be role models.

Chelsea players are not due back into training until 22nd March. This has left plenty of time to get into trouble. The reaction to Mason will hopefully serve as a warning.

In reality, the season looks unlikely to restart this month. The players may not be allowed to train together for some time.

One thing we can safely predict is, all these players will have to be on their guard more than ever for the foreseeable future.