The Derby captain, “Wayne Rooney is not leading a player rebellion at Derby County over wage deferral talks”. Said his spokesman.

Former England star, Wayne Rooney is said to have been holding talks with Rams executives although the talks are still ongoing.

So far, there has been no deal between the Championship club and Rooney.

Derby’s first request to cut wages was rejected by players following advice from the Professional Footballer’s Association.

For this reason, there have been reports Rooney is leading a battle against the proposals. To give a clear look, Rooney’s spokesperson stepped in to give his remarks on the “wage war”.

“Claims that Wayne is in a ‘wage war’ with his club are both misleading and unhelpful”. A spokesperson for the ex-Manchester United forward who joined Derby from Major League Soccer side said.

“As is the case with most football clubs, and in particular the Championship, discussions are taking place at Derby County Football Club on a variety of proposals. These are being considered internally and discussed constructively.”

“As part of these discussions, It is entirely right and proper that Wayne, as club captain and senior player in the English game, is at the forefront.”

“Alongside other Derby players, Wayne’s role has been to act as a conduit between the board and dressing room to hopefully help find a mutually acceptable position for both parties.”

‘Should he be approached by his club to help, then he would have no hesitation in doing whatever he can. That is exactly what he is doing now.”

After the spokesperson’s remarks, Derby declined to comment to Rooney’s spokesperson.