The Manchester City star Kevin de Bruyne revealed his wish of playing with Cristiano Ronaldo claiming that it would make him a better player.

Kevin de Bruyne is considered Manchester City’s best pass at the moment. The Belgian international has so far netted 16 goals for his side this season.

Speaking in an interview, the midfielder was given the chance to choose anyone he would like to play. Right before he made his choice, De Bruyne admitted he is already an incredible assist.

He praised himself and said, “I’m somebody who is quick, who can go deep, that helps me a lot. You can play with magnificent midfielders, but strikers, for what I do, are probably the main importance.”

Basically, to De Bruyne, he would need somebody like Thierry Henry or even Cristiano Ronaldo. But, with his own reasons, the midfielder chose Ronaldo as he would be great for assist records.

Maybe, to De Bruyne, he would thrive when paired in a fantasy midfield with the likes of Barcelona icons Andreas Iniesta and Xavi, but he preferred to focus further forward. As he said, “For me, a creative player will work.”

“I could probably out it across about three meters high and he’s still going to get it anyway. So, that’s going to make my assists go up.”

De Bruyne’s currently on top form

When asked about his performance during the interview, the player added, “it’s difficult to comment on form. But I’m the most complete player now.”

“In every aspect of the game now I feel really comfortable. At Wolfsburg, I did incredibly well. But I was more up and down.”

“But the past three seasons, maybe a little less last season, I’m happy as I’m playing at a constant level. From the first game against West Ham to the last against Real Madrid, I’ve played really well.”

“That makes it satisfying that I can be consistently good at a good enough level to perform.”