The Arsenal legend, Ian Wright has revealed an intense moment in his career when he punched Man United’s legend, Steve Bruce during a fall-out in the tunnels.

Back in the 1990s, Manchester United vs Arsenal fixture was a very heated clash. The match mostly had an intense rivalry on display on a number of occasions.

Ian Wright took part in a couple of these fixtures. Among them all, the legend recalls the famous tunnel saga that saw players from the two teams have a go towards each other.

For some reason, the former Arsenal player once got so hungry that he went and punched Steve Bruce in the face after a game.

Wright said, “We were at Old Trafford and I always used to try and run off Bruce. To be honest, Bruce always used to play me pretty well and he always got me booked. So I had to be a little bit calmer.”

“I remember there was one particular incident. So, the tunnel is to the far end of the pitch at United and we know it’s down there.”

“Bruce and I having a little tete-a-tete up here, bang bang, and I was giving it all that. And he said, ‘right that’s you’ giving me all the ‘I’ve had enough of you, I’ll see you in the tunnel thing.”

“I went off like that. So then, the final whistle blew and Brucey run past me and said, ‘see you in the tunnel.”

Obviously, Wright gave the situation a second thought realizing the big Arsenal players are gone and it won’t stop him from carrying on.

He continued, “And so, the problem I had is that Tony Adams and Bouldy were too close to the end. So I didn’t have any backup, the biggest guys were all gone.”

“What happened is I got closer and closer to Bruce and I could think of was ‘I’m in arm’s shot here.’ Bruce placed his arms down and said ‘I’ve had enough of you. That’s when I went bang right in his face and ran off straight in the coach.”