Before today’s match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, (less than 3 hours are left before the start), we offer some most interesting facts from the history of El Clasico:

1. Hat-Tricks


Hat-trick has been recorded just 28 times in El Clasico. Luis Suarez performed the latest in October 2018. There are only four players who has scored hat-tricks in two matches: Santiago Bernabeu (Real), Jaime Lasano (Real), Ferenc Puskas (Real), and Lionel Messi (Barcelona).

The last Real Madrid player to score a hat-trick against Barça was Ivan Zamorano (in 1995).


2. Complete statistics


Today’s match will be the 277th in the history of “El Clasico” according to all-tournament data. The statistics are as follows: 115 wins for Barcelona, 99 for Real, and 62 draws.


3. Greatest wins


Real Madrid’s 1943 victory, which ended 11: 1 and remained the most scandalous match to date, is one of El Clasico’s most significant wins.

In La Liga, too, the record for Real is 8: 2 in 1935. The Catalans revenged in 1950 and won 7: 2.

5: 0 Has been recorded in “El Clasico” seven times. Barça first made it in 1935, and the last time the Catalans beat Real Madrid in 2010 at Camp Nou.


4. The best goalscorers


The best of all time here is Lionel Messi, who has scored against Real Madrid 26 times and is unlikely to be ever caught on.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Alfredo Di Stefano share 2nd and 3rd positions with 18-18 goals.

Only Karim Benzema (9) and Luis Suarez (11) from the current squad have scored more than 8 goals.


5. Transfers between teams


The most well-known transfer was, of course, Luis Figo, who turned out to be at the Bernabeu in 2000 after a big misunderstanding and had a pig’s head on his first return to Camp Nou.

In total, 39 transfers were made between the teams.


6. Television


“El Clasico” is the greatest football match in terms of broadcasting. In 2017, a match in which Lionel Messi scored a decisive last-minute goal were broadcasted to 650 million people in 185 countries.


7. When the opponent appreciates you


Three legends of Barcelona have garnered applause from local fans at the Santiago Bernabeu: Diego Maradona (1982), Ronaldinho Gaucho (2005) and Andres Iniesta (2015)