Lionel Messi played his 700th match in a career against Dortmund. Wednesday evening could be successful for Borussia, but Messi was unstoppable.

Barcelona 3-1 Dortmund Borussia

It was another great match from Lionel Messi. Barcelona’s midfielder gave two assists and scored one goal. It was exceptional because rumors suggest that Messi won sixth Ballon D’or. Keep in mind that Messi was not successful in previous matches of the Champions League. So, he was motivated to play an unforgettable game.

Can any team stop MSG?

MSG (Messi, Suarez & Griezmann) is already on top of their forms. Messi gave two assists, Suarez gave one help, and Griezman scored goal although he came into the match from the bench.

Dortmund had a real chance to qualify for the playoffs, but they had to win away match against Barcelona. Even a draw again, Barcelona would be a successful result, but they could not stop Messi. Lionel was doing everything he could on the pitch, and Dortmund’s defense was very weak.

Overall, Barcelona was able to score three goals. Dortmund could score only one goal at the end of the match. Jayden Sancho scored a genuinely admirable goal, but it was not enough. The only miracle can help Dortmund to qualify for the Champions League play-offs this season.

Slavia Prague 1-3 Inter Milan

In the first half, we saw two goals. Both teams could score in the first 45 minutes, and it was very intense with counter-attacks. Inter was first to open score, but Slavia Prague got a right on a penalty kick.

The second half was very intense from both teams. Slavia Prague did everything to score a goal and get a chance for the playoffs. Unfortunately for fans of Slavia, the team conceded two goals in the second half. Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez score goals in the second half. Inter’s forwards saved chance for Champions League play-offs.

Inter Milan has a real chance for playoffs. In the next round, Conte’s team will play against Barcelona in Milan. Barcelona is already in play-offs, so Messi and teammates won’t have any real motivation. If Barcelona wins away match in Milan and Dortmund defeats Slavia Prague, Inter won’t be able to play in playoffs.