As the debate continues to rage over who is the greatest between Messi and Ronaldo, Klopp, whose side has faced the two players says there will only be one winner.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are widely considered two of the greatest players of all-time although the debate on who is better than the other continues.

The two rivals enjoyed a fierce La Liga rivalry when Ronaldo was at Real Madrid between 2009 and 2018. Between the two G.O.A.T’s’ they have 11 out of the last 12 Ballon d’Or awards with Messi ahead by one.

Fans have long debated on who between them grace the football pitch. Now, Klopp, who has led Liverpool side into Champions League battle against the two players has had his say on the matter.

“For me, Messi. But I couldn’t admire Ronaldo more than I do already.” Said Klopp.

“Here is the explanation. We’ve played against the two and they are almost impossible to defend. But Messi has much lower physical requirements from birth on.”

“If you could paint yourself a perfect player, it would have Ronaldo’s height, he could jump and run and professional, it couldn’t be any better.”

“On the other side, there is the small Messi who makes everything look simple. And therefore, I like him maybe a little bit more as a player on the pitch. But Cristiano is also an absolutely incredible player.”

While both players have incredible talent and impressive trophy hauls, Klopp said what was also impressive about them was their longevity at the top.

One club man Messi has been a constant in the Barcelona team since 2005 while Ronaldo first made his name after joining Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in 2003.

“What both have in common is, they have left their footprints for such a long time.” Klopp continued.

“There are also some younger players who have a similar potential. But to do that over this time period id even more incredible.”