Watford captain, Troy Deeney has made it clear he will not return to training to protect his family’s health amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Premier League has been looking forward to resume training since its suspension two months ago. With ups and downs from clubs disagreeing on a common venue, the Premier League will finally resume individual training on Tuesday.

However, Watford’s captain, Troy Deeney has put across he will not resume training because he doesn’t want to put his baby, who has had breathing problems in more danger.

He said, “We are due back in this week. I’ve said I’m not going.”

“It only takes one person to get infected within the group and I don’t want to be bringing that home. My son is only five months old and he had breathing difficulties. So, I don’t want to come home to put him in more danger.”

The 31-year-old Deeney on Wednesday was in a meeting with the Premier League, fellow team captains and medical experts.

The captain raised the BAME concerns over the increased risk to black, Asian and the minority ethnic (BAME) players and could not get any information.

He said, “My problem was in the meeting. I asked very simple questions. For black, Asian and mixed ethnicities, they’re four times more likely to get the illness. They are twice as likely to have ling lasting illness. Is there anything extra, additional screening, heart stuff to see if people have got problems with that? No. Ok, well I feel that should be addressed.”

“I can’t get a haircut until mid-July but I can go and get in a box with 19 people and go jump for a header and nobody could answer the questions. Not because they didn’t want to. Just because they don’t know the information.”

“So, I said if you don’t know the information, why would I put myself at risk?”

Watford are not due to train on Tuesday and it is understood the club has no problem with Denney’s stance. In an interview with the Times, manager Nigel Pearson expressed his concerns about the situation. He said he wouldn’t insist on players reporting back for training.