The Champions League and the Europa League 2019/20 season could be completed using the final-four format

Earlier in the week, UEFA had proposed using a final four format as a makeup for the lost time in the Champions League and the Europa League.

In the final four formats, four teams that reach the semifinals will play only one-legged ties. This means there will only be one-legged semifinals fixture which will straightaway lead to the final fixtures.

The three clashes would take place in Istanbul, the destination where the finals would take place were it not for COVID-19 outbreak.

UEFA also wants the same format to apply to the Europa League with all games taking place in Gdansk, Poland.

The domestic leagues across Europe are already taking shape. As it stands, the season’s calendar has been altered and there must be some sort of re-scheduling if everything would still end up completed.

With the uncertainty of when Champions League and Europa League will resume, the only thing we know on the European competitions is that they would be completed in August as confirmed by Ceferin.

As per reports, UEFA is looking forward to finishing the final round of 16 ties from August 6 before squeezing in the rest of the Champions League before the end of the month.

This won’t be the first time this idea has surfaced in general. However, it’s the first time post restart of any European domestic league.

Still, UEFA plans to host Champions League semi-finals and finals in Istanbul. This will, however, be discussed at the next executive meeting scheduled for 17th June.

Should the idea get the green lights, all games following the round of 16 will be compensated over 90 minutes instead of the traditional two legs, freeing up more space on the calendar.

The same method will follow suit for the Europa League with bot competitions penciled to start early in August. Per the report, the re-start date penciled for the Europe League is August 6th while that of the Champions League is August 8th.

The report concludes that the approval of this plan might also delay the start of domestic leagues next season until September.