According to Jeremie Aliadiere, Nicolas Pepe must improve his contributions in front of goal in order to justify his price tag.

Arsenal spent €80 million to sign Nicolas Pepe from Lille last summer, a move that saw him become the club’s most expensive signing.

Pepe’s huge price tag raised questions at the time but they were eclipsed in the light of his impressive form with the Serie A side.

However, the Ivory Coast international has not quite lived up to his expectations at the Emirates. Once again, his valuation has often been doubted this season.

 “I saw what he did with Lille last season and he is an amazing player. So, I’m not denying his talent.” Said Aliadiere.

“What I’m seeing , though, is the most expensive player in Arsenal’s history. Even if you don’t want to think about the money, the fact is that money is, unfortunately, a big thing in football.”

‘And when you spend that much money on player, you expect more goals and you expect more assists.”

Aliadiere went on to claim that Pepe’s lack of decisiveness is what is letting him down.

“Now, obviously it is not easy, as I know having been there. But the thing that has disappointed me a tiny bit is his decision-making during games.”

“For a player who costs €80m, it’s the simple parts of the game that sometimes I see him lacking. And that’s what I pick on a bit.”

“Yes, he goes on a good dribble and goes through two or three players that’s’ amazing. But when you have Aubameyang on your left and all you have to do is pass the ball in the right spot, and instead cut it back at the wrong time, that bothers me. And I’ve seen that quite a lot from him this season.”