Football clubs, players, and organizations around the world have come together in their support of American protests against racism.

Currently, riots are taking place in America following the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The riots appear to have struck a code with football and its own fight against racism.

Football clubs, players, and organizations are backing the demand for justice and racial equality that Americans are crying out for.

Football itself has endured a torrid time this season. Racism reared its ugly head early on in a public manner. Tammy Abraham, Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba, and Romelu Lukaku were some of the players subjected to racism at the beginning of the season.

It now appears football is standing with others who fight a similar fight. European governing body, UEFA, posted its support on twitter, “Say NO to racism. Together we are stronger”.

Jurgen Klopp’s men at Liverpool gave a united display of solidarity and support. The entire squad knelt in Anfield’s center circle ahead of Monday’s training session in a powerful show of support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Also, United’s Paul Pogba used his huge social media following a give loud show of support. He said, “During the past few days, I have thought a lot about how to express my feelings on what happened in Minneapolis.”

“Sadness for George and for all black people who suffer from racism EVERY DAY. This has to stop, once and for all! Not tomorrow or the next day. It has to end TODAY”.

Juventus’ Giorgio Chiellini joined the movement from Italy as the Brazilian international and PSG star, Neymar Junior followed his former teammate, Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

They quite simply shared a blacked-out screen on their Instagram pages as part of what is called “Blackout Tuesday”.