The English Premier League has confirmed zero coronavirus cases from 1,195 tests in the latest round of testing.

The Premier League is due 17th June when matches will kick off when Aston Villa host Sheffield United while Manchester City entertains Arsenal in empty stadiums. Lately, players have been undergoing training in preparation for the most awaited date. In the preparation course, the Premier League conducts coronavirus tests on players and staff for traces of COVID-19.

In the previous testing period, one person from Tottenham Hotspur tested positive. The latest round was carried out on 4th and 5th June to mark the sixth round of twice-weekly screening of players and club staff. Out of the 1, 195 individuals tested, no positive case was confirmed.

The Premier League currently stands at 13 COVID-19 cases from 6,274 tests since they began. The news is a boost to the league and their plans for the Project Restart which requires an individual who returns a positive test to self-isolate for 14 days.

Geraint Hughes view on the six rounds of testing

“The sixth round of results, 1,195 tests with no positives, forms a part of the overall picture in which a total of 6,274 tests have been collected with 13 positives”.

“The government expressed content after the first round of testing where six people returned positive results. The last three rounds of testing have shown one person has developed the virus. So, the feeling among government officials, who asked football’s finest medics to implement rigorous hygiene regimes, will now be happier with how things have progressed”.

“The latest results coupled with the overall test data doesn’t mean the battle against the virus is won within football. Over half of the testing data has been taken while clubs have returned to contact training. But the next few rounds of test results will reveal more as clubs cramp up their preparations for a return to competitive matches on June 17 with various friendly matches”.