UEFA maintains that Ligue 1 made an early decision to void their season and there is now a possibility the season could yet be restarted.

UEFA could still find a wat for Ligue 1 to restart their season despite their early decision to void the current campaign.

In the latter days of April, all sporting events in France were canceled until September to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Following the announcement, Ligue 1 moved to void their season and brought it all to an abrupt end.

It comes off though as a rushed decision considering the likes of the Premier League, La Liga, and the Serie A are all gearing up to join the Bundesliga in restarting their season.

Lyon, Amiens, and Toulouse are among the sides that have threatened to take legal action against the decision to end their season.

And now, EUFA president, Alexander Ceferin says there might still be a way to solve it.

Ceferin wrote in an official UEFA communication on Friday as quoted, “We would first of all like to clarify that it is the competence of national associations to decide on the format of their domestic competitions, in particular by taking into account the circumstances and restrictive measures specific to the country”.

“As mentioned by UEFA a few weeks ago, the French authorities decided to cancel the Ligue 1 season was taken relatively early”.

“Nevertheless, and provided that the national associations are able to coordinate with the competent national authorities, a potential restart of domestic competition, August 2, 2020, would be an appropriate date to end the domestic competitions”.

A number of players and figures have also spoken out against it, with Fabregas and Di Maria the latest names to do so.

Di Maria agrees that the right way to have responded to the COVID-19 crisis would have been to remain patient instead of acting harshly.

“Like many, I think we rushed to make such a decision. From what we can see, France is today one of the countries where the health situation is the most favorable. Yet, everything has been totally stopped for good. These are matters of politics and for doctors”.

“We would have liked to finish the championship. But decisions have been made, we must accept them.”.