Manchester United currently sit in the sixth place with a 14-game unbeaten run, five points off fourth-placed Chelsea with seven games left to play in the Premier League.

Manchester United missed out on the Champions League in four of the last six seasons. For this reason, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has underlined the importance of his side securing the Champions League place for next season.

“Every year you’re in the Champions League is a great experience and for the players, it’s a step forward, playing against the best”. The Norwegian said.

“Of course for us, that’s what we’re striving to do and get to as well as winning trophies. To get there we need to focus on one game at a time because there are so many teams just above and below us that want that place”.

“So we don’t want to get distracted by thinking too far ahead. We just need to go one game at a time and think when you go into the next one, at least we’ve won the previous one”.

“I think there are many teams in a battle for third and fourth”.

“You’ve got Leicester, Chelsea, us, Wolves doing really well and I’m sure Tottenham, Arsenal and Sheffield United still want to put a run together and put a challenge in there”.

“So, it’s exciting, it must be exciting for all the fans who have been waiting so long now to have a football that matters on TV. Of course, we all want the fans in the stadiums. But, at least now we can sit back and watch some exciting and important games”.

“The players are working really and they want to do as well as they can and for me, as a team, we’re trying to implement our ideas”.

Manchester United will visit Brighton on Tuesday on the back of their impressive unbeaten run with Solskjaer warning his players not to get too far ahead of themselves.