It was painfully obvious Manchester City did not want to give Liverpool a guard of honor. However, it would have been classier if they had done it properly.

Liverpool lost 4-0 to City yesterday in a match where many Liverpool players failed to show anything closer to their best form.

With Liverpool’s title success already confirmed, many of their players appeared distracted. As if this was the major concern to the Reds fans, all focus was shifted to the Guard of Honor Manchester City gave to Liverpool immediately they stepped Etihad. This was always going to get fans talking and it looks like plenty of people noticed it.

Some City players stopped clapping before every Liverpool player had left the tunnel and then left the lines before the entire team had walked through. To make the matter worse, some players never even clapped.

The situation has brought in many concerns from fans as they sent the “dreadful” and “half-hearted” messages across social media.

“Instead, we were treated to a halfhearted affair, with City players giving up and running away before Liverpool players had properly walked through it”. A fan tweeted.

“Never seen them City players move as fast as they did get out of the guard of honor”. Another fan commented.

“City players didn’t wait for everyone to go through the guard of honor and they didn’t clap hard enough. Disrespectful behavior”.

“Pathetic guard of honor. No respect. Sad pathetic club. No history”. Somebody else added.

Manchester City had their chance to regain some honor when they hammered the champions. But that will go down as one of the poorest and lacking-in-class guard of honors of all time.