Former Barcelona star Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto de Assis are set to be released from custody in Paraguay after agreeing to a plea deal on Friday.

Ronaldinho wowed fans during his playing career across the globe as he made football look effortless. However, his steps away from the pitch have caused him nothing but controversy.

Alongside his brother, Roberto de Assis, the 40-year-old retired footballer was arrested six months ago as the charges levied against him were of entering Paraguay on a fake passport.

Ronaldinho and his brother spent a month in jail and five added months under house arrest. That ordeal has now come to an end as he agreed to a plea deal with the Paraguayan public prosecutor.

According to ESPN, in order to close the investigation, only a formal final hearing is left. It is therefore expected that Ronaldinho would be fines $90,000  and $110,000 on his brother for the illegal trespassing endeavor.

Although the 2022 World Cup winner’s record remains clean, he will have to cooperate with Paraguayan authorities. Every time Ronaldinho intends to leave his home country Brazil, he will also have to inform their Paraguayan counterparts.

But, to his brother Roberto, he will have a criminal record in Paraguay and will not be permitted to leave Brazil for two years.

“It was recognized by the public prosecutor’s office that there is no crime of a financial or related nature in relation to Roberto and Ronaldinho”. Sergio Queiroz said on Friday.

“After five long months, they have demonstrated exactly what we defended since the beginning. The use if altered public documents without the knowledge of the defendants”.