England head coach, Gareth Southgate will wait to learn the full facts relating to Maguire’s incident in Greece before choosing if to select him for next month’s round of Nations League games.

This Tuesday, Gareth will name his squad ahead of Nations League games against Iceland and Denmark on the 5th and 8th of September. The England manager will have to decide if to include Maguire in the squad after the 27-year-old was involved in an incident in Greek while on holiday in Mykonos.

An alleged brawl with British tourists erupted outside a bar before police arrived in the scene. Maguire with his two friends was arrested and detained in custody on a charge of aggravated assault

The United captain spent two nights in a cell. Subsequently, he was released on Saturday. This after a closed hearing at a Greek court in Syros amid reports he had been protecting his sister.

The alleged brawl kicked off after rival fans shouted “fuck United” at a Mykonos bar on Thursday. Maguire’s sister, Daisy was thereafter stabbed in the arm with a “sharp object”. Maguire is said to have stepped in to defend her according to the Mykonos Voice.

Allegedly, Maguire attacked policemen and five officers who wrestled him to the ground. According to the police, one of the men arrested tried to bribe officers before being arrested.

Maguire with his company of two men was charged with aggravated assault, verbal assault, and attempted bribery. Although, it is not clear who was charged with what.

The captain’s lawyer has said he has denied all charges but didn’t say on what grounds.

Southgate and Maguire

The incident involving Maguire leaves Southgate with a selection dilemma as he prepares for England’s first international game since November 2019.

If you recall, Sterling was left out of England game last year after a physical altercation with Joe Gomez on international duty. Likewise, it will not be a surprise to see Maguire omitted from England’s squad.

Besides, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be weighing questions about the judgment of a man (Maguire) in his position. Rumors however claim his role as United’s captain will also be a matter for debate as Solskjaer is sensitive to the image projected by his player.

Whether innocent or guilty, Maguire has let his club and country manager down. After the damage-limitation, it will take longer for him to regain their trust.