Jurgen Klopp side will kick off a hectic campaign this Saturday when they take on Arsenal in the community shield in what will be “one of the most intense we have ever experienced”.

Klopp side will commence its 2020/21 season when they take on Arsenal in the Community Shield on Saturday at Wembley. This is a little more than a month after the 2019-20 Premier League season ended.

As a result of Covid-19, the previous campaign was halted for three months. The off-season was shortened resulting in a campaign that will see extreme fixture congestion, particularly for teams like Liverpool who will compete in Europe.

With Euro 2021 scheduled to begin on 11th June, the Premier League will be forced to fit in a full season that begins on the weekend of 12th September- a month later than usual.

Klopp’s defending champions will see their squad depth tested in 2020-21. Meanwhile,  the manager admits that having a shortened period to prepare for the Gunners on Saturday was far from ideal.

The coach said, “Would I want to play a proper game after two weeks’ preparation? No, but we knew of it for a while”.

“It took a while until we got any schedule. But since we’ve known it, we’ve accepted it 100%. We have had two weeks’ training and worked really hard.

“For us, like Arsenal, we prepare for a whole season. This is one of the most intense, probably, we have ever experienced in our lives because of the number of games and the time we have for that. We are perfect as we can be and we will try everything to win the game. I’m sure Arsenal will do the same.” Concluded Klopp.