In conjunction with Rick Parry, the EFL chairman, Man United and Liverpool have drafted up plans for Premeir League “Project Big Picture” creating unexpected confusion and more anger from fans and other clubs.

Liverpool and Manchester United are behind the plans to make massive changes in English football. This proposal has however not affected the Premier League only but also the EFL and below.

The Project Big Picture is a power grab design to place all decisions in the hands of the few chosen clubs at the top of the League. There are plans to restructure the football pyramid, scrap cup competitions, get rid of parachute payments, and assist EFL clubs through the coronavirus pandemic with an immediate financial boost.

Proposed Big Changes.

  • The Premier League will cut from 20-18 teams with the championship, League One and League Two all keeping their usual 24 clubs
  • Nine long term shareholders will be given the power and have special voting rights on all sorts of issues in the Premier League. This includes rule changes, who becomes the chief executive and if a new owner can take over at another club
  • A £350m rescue fund will be immediately made available to the EFL and FA for the lost revenues in the 2019/20 campaign
  • The League Cup and the Community Shield will completely be abolished
  • Parachute payments will be scrapped. Instead, 25% of Premier League, 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the Championship
  • Funding will be provided to set up a new and independent women’s league
  • Season to start later and pre-season friendlies extended.

Who Benefits From the Scheme?

The traditional Big Six-Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea are the clubs set to benefit from the plan. Suppose the Project Big Picture plan goes through, they will wrestle all the power away from their smaller rivals to take the English game where they want it to be.

The Big Six already moan of the Community Shield and the League Cup claiming they are unnecessary distractions. For this instance, the clubs choose to forget it gives the smaller clubs a chance at a financial windfall and a rare chance to a trophy.

Still, a lot of fixtures for the big clubs with their European schedule is a matter to consider. Well, with the division down to 18 teams, that takes away another four league games.

Without any doubt, this is the Premier League Big Six trying to mold the game into exactly what they want it to be.