Zinedine Zidane was happy during the press-conference. It seems that match against Inter Milan was successful for him. Zidane was satisfied with previous match result.

Sun always comes after the storm

Journalists asked Zidane about the Champions League and La Liga. The coach said that he is in a very positive mood. Team under Zidane is very positive and powerful. Zidane noted that team players have power and influence over the matches. The coach mentioned that he is very privileged to have a squad like this. He also noted that team is ready to sacrifice everything for trophies this season. The French coach noted that sun always comes after the storm and that’s the same with football. Zidane may be criticized one day and second day team win the most important match. That’s why the coach said that Real Madrid has very solid squad who knows how to win big matches.

Problem with consistency

One journalist asked Zidane about the attitude of the players. Real Madrid is winning big matches this season but can’t get points against easy opponents. Maybe it’s a problem of players’ attitude against little teams? Zidane said that attitude is not a problem. Losing points is the part of the game. Consistency is very hard and team can’t keep up with every point. Zidane mentioned that Real Madrid players are improving every day, every week and every match. That’s why it’s important to play an improved match rather than having average performance consistently.

Karim Benzema and Dani can’t play against Alaves

It was a big surpsie for journalists to find that Karim and Dani won’t be against Alaves. Zidane said that Karim situation is very tough. At the same time, Dani Carvajal has a very bad condition with knee. It’s a little discomfort for Dani Carvajal but they will continue recovery.