European football is in a critical period because of the coronavirus pandemic. Teams are always in the process of waiting and preparing, and no one knows how things will end. Consider eight problems caused by a coronavirus.

1. How will the championships end?


Option One: Hold matches whenever possible. Second: Matches as late as possible with empty podiums and Third: All matches will be canceled, and the results will be annulled.

Most teams want the season to end somehow, as otherwise, the financial damage will be enormous.


2. Risk of Bankruptcy


The clubs are currently unable to get money from the TV companies, and their future is in doubt. Too many teams can’t afford the expenses. And they may declare themselves bankrupt, because until June there is still a long time, and the costs are high.

The situation could be remedied by a change in financial fair play rules.


3. Many things depend on the players


The clubs are forced to ask their players to agree to a pay cut. The players have been asked to reduce their wages by 10 or 20 percent.

In this regard, it would be better to cancel the season, which would change the entire contract and spend less money.


4. Contracts ending June 30


Contracts should be extended for at least a little longer if the season lasts until July.

5. Transfers will decrease


Naturally, less revenue means fewer transfers and less than 100 million expensive transfers this summer.


6. A shorter transfer window


If the championships end in July, we will witness the shortest transfer window in history. The less time, the fewer transfers. Also, due to the 2020/21 season, Euro 2021 should start as early as possible.


7. Lease at redemption


There has been less talk about it lately, but it’s also a big problem. The clubs have loaned players until June 30, and the deadline for their purchase is June 30, which is also a problem.


8. Boom in 2021


If things are sorted out sooner or later, the peace of 2020 will turn into the real boom of 2021.