It’s been 900 days since Leo Messi scored against Real Madrid. He played many El Clasicos but Argentinian players could not convert the shot into goals.

Lionel Messi has chance to score on Saturday

As you may know, El Clasico will be played on Saturday. Barcelona’s N10 is ready to play against Real Madrid. The physio of the team said that Mess is fully ready. On Tuesday, Barcelona’s captain played against Ferencvaros. He scored the goal and gave an assist. Experts believe that the Messi and Fati duo can be deadly for Los Blancos. At the same time, Real Madrid is in crisis. Team could not get a point in the last two consecutive matches. To be more specific, Los Merengues lost the matches against Cadiz and Shakhtar. IN both matches, Zidane’s team were without any chances.

Lionel Messi played six Clasico matches without scoring. The Argentinian player scored in 2018 against Real Madrid. He played more than 400 minutes since 2018 against Los Blancos but missed many shots. Lionel Messi is someone who is known for breaking records. No one breaks records better than Messi. Experts believe that the player has a very little crisis going on because he has not scored many goals in this season. 

Lionel Messi scored from penalty spot

From the start of the season, Messi is scoring only from the penalty spot. Lionel has two goals already and both were from penalty kicks. It seems that Messi is not scoring the match. Experts believe that Lionel Messi will riot against Real Madrid, so their prediction is that he may score at least two goals. If we take a look at Los Blancos defense, then everything will be easily understandable.