It is expected that the Napoli team will have a new coach next season. Gattuso will finish the season, and then Maurizio Sarri will take his place. The 62-year-old specialist has not had much desire to return to Naples until now.

Under coach Gennaro Gattuso, Napoli are considering the possibility of Maurizio Sarri returning to the post of head coach.

It is noteworthy that Sarri has already refused to return to the Neapolitans once. According to Italian media, the president of the Naples club Aurelio de Laurentiis, who at one time had a disagreement with the 62-year-old specialist, is going to make another offer for Maurizio.

As it turns out, Napoli will not release Gennaro Gattuso until the end of the current season, but it is very unlikely that he will leave as the team’s head coach again next season.

In the current Italian championship, Napoli managed to score 40 points in 22 rounds and is in the 7th position in the tournament table. The Neapolitans are 4 points behind the Champions League zone. Recently, the Italian club was relegated from the Europa League, where they could not overcome the Granada barrier in two matches (0: 2, 2: 1).

Maurizio Sarri worked as the head coach of Napoli in 2015-18 and made the club the two-time vice-champion of Italy – in 2016 and 2018. After Napoli, Sarri also worked for Chelsea in London and Juventus in Turin and will be unemployed after the summer of 2020.


Gattuso: “If we had killed so much time, the press would have just destroyed us”


“Napoli” coach Gennaro Gattuso evaluated the victory with “Granada” (2: 1). In two matches, the Neapolitan team lost 2: 3 and was eliminated from the Europa League.

“We scored an absurd goal after Ricochet. However, we should feel pride and sadness. We showed in two matches that we have something more than the opponent.

If time had killed the Italian team as Granada did, we would have been in newspapers’ front pages. After such a game, we would just be kicked in the press.

In the first half, the ball was only 16-17 minutes in the game. In the second half, the situation worsened. Respect is required, and the referee cannot miss 2-3 minutes on all penalties.

We have to keep calm after the fall, do not touch the players. I have simplified my life. I make decisions, and I am responsible. “If we do not get depressed, we can enter the top four of Serie A. There are 17 matches ahead,” said Gattuso.