Gigio Donnarumma’s contract expires in the summer. The parties still cannot agree on a salary. Donnarumma wants to stay, while Raiola is in favor of his departure from Italy.

Gigio Donnarumma is a player who should become a symbol of Milan’s rise. The club’s management is going to create a new, great Milan around him and Alessio Romagnoli. However, maintaining Donnarumma will not be easy.

Gigio’s contract expires after this season, and according to the Italian press, the parties have not yet reached an agreement. Donnarumma wants 10 million a year in salary, and the club only agrees to 7 million and promises additional bonuses.

Donnarumma’s agent is Mino Raiola, who does not want to stay in Milan at all and has long wanted to sell him. The main thing is that Gigio himself wants to stay in Milan. Otherwise, he will definitely get a better contract with another club.

Both sides are willing to cooperate, although only a few months are left to sign a new contract. From the summer, Donnarumma will be a free agent.