Gambling companies would be limited advertisements in Spain

Advertisements for gambling companies inside Spanish football stadiums or T-shirts will no longer be allowed. The relocation is one of the details included in the draft royal decree, which was first introduced in February. Efe reports that this project will be presented on Thursday by Alberto Garzon to the European Commission with the changes that have been made since. The latest version says that radio, TV, and video broadcasting platforms can only broadcast betting ads from 01:00 to 05:00. While promoting customer retention through bonuses is prohibited. Also, sponsors on football kits will not be allowed.

Even sponsorship contracts with already signed gambling companies will have to be adapted to the new rules. In within three months from the date of the decree. Gambling advertisements cannot be specifically targeted at minors and should include a warning to explain that children under-18s cannot participate. Finally, gambling ads on social networks can only be made if they use mechanisms that prevent them from being directed at minors.