The result of Juventus-Napoli will be decided in these two days. The loss of Napoli will most likely be counted. Andrea Agnelli accuses the opponent of disrespecting the rules.

The Juventus-Napoli match turned out to be scandalous. Napoli did not arrive in Turin to play due to increased risks due to two players infected with the Coronavirus, while Juve came out on the pitch and waited 45 minutes for an opponent. That is, he acted as it is written in the regulations.

UEFA and Italian championship regulations allow teams to postpone a game only if they are infected en masse at the club. If a club can mobilize 13 players, it must play.

According to Napoli, the local medical service (ASL) did not allow them to travel to Turin. However, this news has already been leaked to the Italian press, which calls for Napoli to isolate itself, although it does not ban travel.

According to today’s data, Napoli will lose 3: 0. This story will be officially resolved in the next two days. The subject of the dispute is two issues: which is more important – the UEFA regulations or the ban on the local medical authority? And to what extent was Napoleon banned from traveling to Turin?

If Napoli lose is not counted, then Serie A could face chaos as each team will have the right to refuse to play even for one infected. The existing regulations do not prohibit players from playing other than the infected.

So far, several clubs, including Milan, have had cases of unit infections at the club. Although, those clubs have not given up on the game.


Juve president Andrea Agnelli was outraged, saying that all parties should respect the rules and regulations equally:


Andrea Agnelli: ‘The protocol is clear in a situation like this. This is a standard case. 1-2 infected can be found in any team at any time. It is this protocol that allows us to play at all and hold the championship. All parties have agreed upon these rules, including the Federation and the Medical Committee. ‘

Agnelli also mentioned that Napoli owner Aurelio de Laurentiis contacted him and asked him to postpone the game, to which he refused: ‘Every business has its own laws. All must respect these laws. ‘

Juve’s president also said he did not believe Napoli would be banned from traveling to Turin.

In the next two days either Napoli will be considered a defeat, which is supported by Serie A and the Italian Football Federation, or Napoli will be able to resume the game through a civil court.