According to Paco Alcacer, Jaden Sancho could be the best footballer in the future. Spanish forward is happy with teenager playing style and wants to play along with him for a long time.

“Jadon Sancho will be the biggest star in the future.”

Paco Alcacer had an interesting interview today. Forward talked about his life, career, and future. Attacker mentioned his team-mates but outlined Sancho.

“At this young age, someone doing like this is just magic” said Paco. The footballer is impressed with Jadon’s ability to score and pass at the same time. In the Bundesliga, Jadon is called as “passing magician” because of his ability to move from any situation.

Alcacer also said that Jadon is still young, but he can dominate the world soon. Forward mentioned Sancho’s personality and said that he is the right person. In-person, he is a very talented and unique person. In the dressing room, Sancho is a lovely person and team-mates admire him. 

Sancho is the king of assists while scoring many goalsIn Bundesliga, Jadon Sancho is one of the best assisters. Jadon has 24 assists in 49 matches in Bundesliga while scoring 15 goals.

Jadon is one of the best teenagers that Dortmund relied upon. England striker is playing for Borussia for a few years already. Played 60 matches for the first team and scored 17 goals with 27 assists. At the same time, the England national team is awaiting for his skills and experience. It’s surprising that footballer, who is not 20 years old yet, can become the irreplaceable member.

Jadon’s way in Manchester City

Jadon Sancho does not regret leaving Manchester City. England young star left “City” two years ago and became very successful. Jadon scored up to 20 goals and created 44 goals overall. Sancho is thankful to Manchester City academy where he played for two years. Winger thinks that “City Academy” made him a real footballer and changed his style of game.

Sancho left Manchester City in 2017, and for 7 Million Pounds he joined Borussia. At that time, Dortmund was a perfect place for the youngster. Jadon became a leading member of starting lineup soon and decided lots of matches with his magical skills. Bundesliga experts think that Jadon will be a crucial player for Dortmund to win a trophy in 2019/2020.

Heartbroken Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is a brilliant mind in the football industry. Spanish coach can change any team’s style of play and dominate the local league. Pep was a big fan of Jadon and believed in the kid’s abilities. Coach asked Man. City officials to give Jadon a new, improved contract but youngster denied. Jadon Sancho wanted a new challenge and joined Borussia. Pep Guardiola became frustrated as he liked the style of Jadon and wanted youngster in Manchester City.