Rumors say that Alcacer can’t keep up with Dortmund’s coach. As it seems rumors are real as Alcacer was left out of the squad list.

Favre’s lousy relationship with Alcacer

It’s sad to see the coach’s relationship with Paco. Alcacer was the leading player in starting line-up last season. Paco scored many goals last year and was successful at Dortmund. Everything changed from the start of a new season. Paco lost the spot in starting line-up, and then he got the injury. Everything leads to a bad relationship with Lucian Favre. As the German experts believe, Paco will leave Dortmund in January.

Buying Haaland from Salzburg was the right decision?

As you may know, Haaland has a breakthrough moment from September of 2019. Youngster player scored many goals group stage of the Champions League. His former team, Salzburg, was very close to Champions League playoffs. The crew had to win only one home match to qualify for the playoffs, but they could not defeat Liverpool.

Every big team wanted to sign Haaland in January. The youngster is just 19 years old, and he said that Dortmund would be a perfect fit. In the first interview with a German newspaper, Haaland said that Dortmund had offered him an ideal project for his age and skills.

Signing Haaland means that Paco will be on the bench until the end of the season. Experts believe that Paco wants to play at Euro 2020, and being on the bench is not an option. Alcacer wants to leave Dortmund and play somewhere else to get ready for Euro 2020.

Haaland has a micro-injury on the knee

Dortmund has an away match against Augsburg on Saturday evening. Dortmund won’t get help from Erling. Youngster forward has a micro-injury. His knee is not safe to get in action on Saturday evening. Haaland said that it’s nothing special and he will recover very soon.

In Germany, everyone is waiting for Erling’s debut. It will be interesting to see Champions’ League group stage top-scorer playing in the Bundesliga. Let’s see whether Dortmund is a perfect fit for youngsters forward.