The Reds’ right-back suffered several weeks of international and continental trials, but played on the domestic front against Aston Villa.

Several weeks of disappointment comes to an end

Trent Alexander-Arnold gave an invaluable reaction to his doubters after scoring for Liverpool in a 2-1 win over Aston Villa, with the Red defender grabbing the most dramatic winner at Anfield. The 22-year-old suffered several weeks of international and continental trials, after which the high-profile England squad was followed by a costly mistake in a Champions League clash with Real Madrid. Trent Alexander-Arnold returned to his best position, however, against Villa with Gareth Southgate watching further from the stands and hastened to revive his heroics on social networks. In an obvious nod to those who have been quick to write him off lately, Alexander-Arnold channeled his inner Gladiator by quoting Maximus Decimus Meridius on social media.


Alexander-Arnold was confident during the game

The Liverpool manager needed a flash of inspiration from somewhere to bring the eight-game innocent home run to close. Trent Alexander-Arnold envisioned that as he rolled home a stop-time kick off the edge of the box. Jürgen Klopp then said that they can stop that chat about Trent, everyone agrees that he is an outstanding player. This is Gareth Southgate’s decision, what he is doing for the team, he says they should not talk about it every week and should not justify the status of the players every week.

The Reds veteran midfielder James Milner added that it says a lot about his personality. People forget how young he is, and how he played at such a young age. He says he has been very lucky in his career so far, so being left with England is probably one of his first disappointments, but he has a huge goal at the end, it was a great position he took in midfield as once before.