Trent Alexander-Arnold made his debut with a 66-number T-shirt in the Champions League triumph. Then the rising star of “Liverpool” was playing with the same number.

The owner of the 2-number T-shirt was Nathaniel Clyne, who was replaced by Alexander-Arnold and became the first choice of Jurgen Klopp on the right-wing of the defense.

Even if the traditional number (2) for the right guard was free – Trent would still be playing with the number 66 shirt. The number may also have some small sentimental load for a defensive defender. But throughout the professional footballer’s 4-year career, he has been a great help to Trent.


“Trent is just happy.”


Liverpool spokesman Lee Radcliffe has made an interesting comment on the nature of the 21-year-old star and his number:

“When a young man brought up in the academy is transferred to the main team, we give him a high number. Due to our policy, we refrain from giving a low number to a player promoted from the academy to the main team.

Trent achieved the victories and won the titles with the number 66 shirt. This is a fantastic sight that I can’t explain. That’s incredible to see such a high number and its owner, who is happy with all this.

The thing is, being in the main team, Trent is just delighted. He can’t even analyze how essential and useful a player he is. To be honest, he doesn’t ask for anything at all.

I think Trent’s attitude to all of this is like: yes, I was given this number, and I’ll keep it. He doesn’t realize that with the passing years and the fantastic play, he has also turned the 66-number T-shirt into a cult, “said Lee Radcliffe.

One of the exceptional talents of Jurgen Klopp is the discovery of young talents at the academy. Through a German specialist, many talents have become world football stars – one of them being Trent Alexander-Arnold. In 125 appearances for Liverpool, Trent scored an impressive 34 assists for the right-back, scoring six goals.