Spanish expert, Alfredo Relano talked with the journalists. He believes that Real Madrid has to give more time to Vinicius Junior. Relano wants to know the limits of Vinicius’ sprint and good form. 

Vinicius is on top of the world

Although many fans can’t agree with Relano, spanish experts noted that Vinicius is in good form. Brazil’s main coach did not call him for national duty but Vinicius still decided to work harder. Zinedine Zidane found that Vinicius is in really good form, so he is using Vini for more matches. For instance, Vinicius Junior played against Sevilla for full 90 minutes. He wants replaced and it’s believed that Vinicius will play against Monchengladbach too. Fans may say that Vinicius Junior is playing because Hazard is injured but there could be other reasons too. Against Sevilla, Junior was very active and finally his effort decided the result of the match. Real Madrid won very important match and it happened thanks to Brazillian youngster.

Zinedine needs luck in upcoming week

Alfredo Relano thinks that Zidane needs a lucky parachute this week. First of all, Real Madrid will face Monchengladbach. The royal club has to win the home-game to advance to the next round of CL. At the end of the week, Real Madrid will face Atletico. Diego Simeone’s team is already 6 points ahead. Simeone’s team has played 1 more game, so they might lead with 9 points. It’s a really big gap between Atletico and Los Blancos. That’s why Zidane has to do everything to change the situation. Winning both matches can change the season and targets of Zidane.