Everton head coach Carlo Ancelotti says he is not interested in football during the raging coronavirus.]

“Honestly, I don’t care about football right now. My interest in football is now down to zero. I am worrying that there are people who are unhappy with this tragedy. This is a pandemic. That is, a situation that each of us has never met before.

Italy had to realize that the time had come, it was no longer superficial, that everyone should heed the advice and stay home, respecting themselves and others in the fight against this illness.

I watched the speech of the British Prime Minister on TV. It seemed to me that they had not yet fully grasped the gravity of the situation, “quoted Ancelotti as saying in Goal.com.


Short term contracts may be allowed in England


It is unclear when the football that was suspended due to coronavirus will continue.

Because there are still 9 rounds remaining in the Premier League, the teams face problems. For example, one of the issues is that if the season ends in the summer, contact with the players becomes a problem.

As you know, most players have contracts with the team until June 30, and if the championship lasts until July, the players will already be free agents.


Shearer: “Unless the season is over, the title can not be handed to Liverpool”


Alan Shearer, a former England forward, spoke about the football stoppage caused by a coronavirus:

“You can’t look for a winner or a loser unless the season is over. No matter how terrible and unbelievable it may sound to some clubs, first and foremost, Liverpool. This is the only solution.

If all matches fail, you cannot simply take and drop the titles, or set up a team that must leave the championship.

It would be incredible for Liverpool. But I don’t see an option that could give them a title, even given that nobody can catch up with them. The team only needs six points for the cup, but nothing is officially decided yet. Accordingly, the season must be canceled.” – The Sun Quotes Shearer’s words.