Pirlo gave himself a six out of 10 rating in his first season as boss of Juve, with a managerial newcomer finding a tough move in Turin.

Andrea Pirlo will work hard to improve

Eyebrows were raised when, on the back of parting with vast experience, Maurizio Sarri the Bianconeri turned to an unverified club legend for dugout inspiration. Andrea Pirlo led Juventus to yet another Coppa Italia final, but the Serie A title should apparently slip out of their hands for the first time in a decade.

Reflecting on his efforts after overseeing a 3-1 win over Genoa, Andrea said that all coaches should feel like they have to prove themselves every day, not to mention the ego, as he is in his first coaching experience. He said that football has been an ego dream since childhood and he will work hard to improve. Andrea would have given himself six out of 10 this season so far, and you know you have to do more, and when you don’t achieve certain results, the coach is the first to take responsibility. According to him, his idea of ​​football to dominate the game and put pressure on the opposition and for a number of reasons they could not fully implement it, but the team is striving and will continue to work on it.


No drastic decisions have been made yet

The Bianconeri have suffered four losses in Serie A this season, with eight of their 30 games played so far. These setbacks left them 12 points from the pace of the title chase driven by former Conte manager and his Inter team. More was expected from a side that has dominated the Italian domestic scene since securing the first of nine consecutive tops in 2011-12. Andrea Pirlo need not be reminded that it was his job to keep Juventus on the highest of the perches, and that he still has not been able to do so. Questions are being asked regarding his future as a result, when the coach of Real Zidane sees a return to Turin, but no drastic decisions have been made yet.