Due to the unsuccessful start, Juve was awarded a satirical prize – Golden Tapir. The 41-year-old coach is not afraid if he leaves the post before Christmas.

Juventus of Turin, which was taken over by Andrea Pirlo before the season, had the worst start since Andrea Agnelli took over as president of the club in 2010.

The “Old Lady” celebrated two victories, three draws and one loss in the first six matches of all tournaments (not to mention 3-0 against Napoli, in which the opponent was considered a technical loss). Juventus had the worst start so far in 2010, under Luigi Delneri. The Turinese then won 4 matches, conceded one each and played a draw.

One of the TV channels awarded Andrea Pirlo with a satirical award – “Golden Tapir” due to an unsatisfactory start. The 41-year-old specialist also commented on the not-so-proud “prize”:

“We’re in the process of refining and will not be intimidated if I do not eat Panettone. I am sure,” Pirlo, who was behind the wheel, told the correspondent after receiving the satirical award. Panettone is a traditional Italian Christmas cake, and Pirlo in his words implied that he was not afraid of being released before Christmas.

The “Golden Tapir” is awarded largely for unsatisfactory results, strange behaviour on and off the pitch, and curious incidents. By the way, they have received this “funny award” before: Milan director Paolo Maldini, goalkeeper of the same team Gianluigi Donnarumma, Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and former Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi.

Juventus are fifth in the Italian league standings with 9 points. They are two points behind two games in Group G of the UCL and three points behind Barcelona (6). Pirlo’s next match in Serie A will be on November 1, against Spezia. Three days later they will visit Ferencvaros in the Champions League.