Julian Nagelsmann is building a very powerful team in Germany. Leipzig is ready to dominate Europe but before that, they can win Germany’s domestic league.


Angelino is happy with Julian Nagelsmann

The 24 years old player is happy with the current situation in Germany. He said that playing for Leipzig boosts his confidence every time. Angelino signed for Manchester City and could not get enough chances to prove his skills. After a bad career in Manchester, he left Pep’s club and went for PSV Eindhoven. Spanish players had a good time in the Netherlands and that’s when Julian found his skills and gave him a big chance. Angelino teamed up with Julian in the middle of the last season.

Angelino said that Julian is a very open-minded and kind person. He always talks with a direct speech and he will say everything in front of you. At the same time, Julian Nagelsmann is doing everything to push player’s confidence everyday. Angelino admitted that Nagelsmann gave a big push to his career. He admitted that Julian trusts him in every possible game and his main obligation is to pay-off with a good performance. Angelino scored eight goals and nine assists this season. 


Comparing Pep Guardiola and Julian Nagelsmann

The journalist asked Angelino to compare Nagelsmann with Pep Guardiola. As mentioned above, Pep was Angelino’s coach for two years. Angelino said that both coaches love domination in the midfield. Both trainers love to have big possession and control the pace of the game. At the same time, one coach put all faith in him (Nagelsmann) and another did not. That’s why he will prefer Nagelsmann over Guardiola. Angelino admitted that while playing for City, he learned a lot from Spanish coach. The player will stay in Germany for the next five years. He signed a permanent deal with Leipzig until 2025.