Croatian legendary player, Luka Modric is not sure in the future. He wants to stay at Real Madrid but it’s not up to him. He is loyal to the club but the management has to agree on a new deal.

Modric contract comes to an end in the summer of 2021

Luka Modric has a contract with Real Madrid by the end of the summer. In 2021, he may become the free agent. Luka believes  that signing a new contract could be a good option for him.

Croatian midfielder noted that he is still in the mood to play for Real Madrid. Luka said that he wants to play on a high level again but he is at a certain age. Modric turned 35 in September and people do not trust his motivation at this age. Midfielder knows his situation and the age that could influence many things. That’s why Luka said that he wants to try and see if he can compete on a high level again. Zidane trusted him again in a few matches. Luka Modric demonstrated his perfect conditions in the last two matches. Zidane gave him a chance to play fully in both matches.

Luka Modric is needed because Toni Kroos is injured. Luka and Toni could be a back-up for each other. So, when one of the midfielders has an injury, the second has to play the rest of the games. Modric has shown to the fans that he can still play at this level and for 90 minutes. 

Help from Croatia’s coach

As you may know, Luka got permission from Croatia’s coach to be with Real Madrid during the pre-season. Luka noted that he is very happy with Zladko’s decision and it means a lot. Modric were with Real Madrid during the pre-season and it was very helpful for him.