Antonio Conte comments after the Europa League final. An Italian specialist encouraged his players.

Inter head coach Antonio Conte spoke after the loss to Sevilla (2: 3) in the Europa League final. The Italian specialist evaluated the game and said that his players did everything. But Sevilla’s experience led them to the final result. Conte did not rule out, leaving the team in a few days.

“It was a balanced and challenging game. One episode in the second half could have decided the fate of the match. We had several chances to score, and then we were not lucky with Ricochet.

Now I do not regret much. My players did everything they could against a team that is used to this type of game. I think their experience has played a crucial role in this regard. My players need to focus on the fact that they have worked very hard this season and added a lot. They reached the important final. This season many young players have gained a great deal of valuable experience.

I will spend a few days on vacation and then talk to the club management with a cold mind. This will be the right move. We will analyze the season and everything very calmly, with a cold mind. “We’ll plan the future of Inter with or without me,” Conte said.

Recall that the Italian club has not won the UEFA Cup / Europa League for 21 years (Parma in 1999). During the same period, the only Italian coach to win this award is Maurizio Sarri (in 2019). In addition, Euro-title has been an unresolved issue for Italian clubs since 2010.