Antonio Conte is not sure whether Romelu Lukaku will start for Inter. However, the manager sends a strong message to ‘stupid, vulgar’ Juventus fans who want to cancel the legacy. He says, “I have struggled with this since I came to Italy.”

Antonio Conte

Conte sounded bitter when he said, “I expect a game between two sides who are currently at the top of the Serie A table.”

“These are the teams who have so far done more than the others. But we are still in week seven. The real values of the club will emerge over time. Which is why I always say we’ll work out our ambitions later on and see what role we can have in this campaign.”

“What we can be sure of is,  it is the Derby d’Italia. A big game everyone will want to watch. We must desire enthusiasm and the courage to play this type of match.”

“Every game is another step in the journey in the growth process, including the defeat at Barcelona. Because we evaluate what we did right and what needs to change.”

The match

The match will kick off on Sunday. This will mark the first time Conte will face Juventus since he left the club in 2014.

He added, “We are up against a side that has set the standard in Serie A for many years and also in Europe.  The credit goes to those who worked there over the years and created a real flagship team. They worked well and set the example for others that is beyond doubt.”

“We arrive for this match with the right enthusiasm after a good performance in Barcelona. We have radically changed this team from previous years. While everyone talks about the players who come in, they forget that those who left were pillars of Inter squad.”

Romelu Lukaku will require fitness test after missing the 2-1 Champions League loss at Camp Nou. On the other side, Alexis Sanchez remains to be suspended.

“The term ‘winning’ is often bandied about and misused. But few know what it means. I was asked to come here and bring a certain mentality and it’s a pleasure to work with these lads regardless of the result.”

Conte was furious after the Barcelona defeat. He complained that the referee favored the hosts. Therefore, he fears similar situations against Juventus on Sunday.